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by | Apr 17, 2018

Advanced Healthcare Materials papers you have downloaded and read the most last month.

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In this monthly feature, we highlight some of the most read Advanced Healthcare Materials publications over the last month. These top-downloaded articles are therefore currently freely accessible! Click on the titles below to get to the corresponding papers. Also check out our monthly Most Read and our previous cover art feature.


Graphene Materials in Antimicrobial Nanomedicine: Current Status and Future Perspectives

by Hüseyin Enis Karahan, Christian Wiraja, Chenjie Xu, Jun Wie, Yilei Wang, Liang Wang, Fei Liu and Yuan Chen

Graphene-derived materials (GMs) have emerged as an important class of antimicrobial agents. Hüseyin Enis Karahan and Yuan Chen from the University of Sydney in Australia describe together with their collaborators in Singapore and China the most recent advances in antimicrobial GMs, covering both fundamental aspects and various biomedical applications, such as wound dressings, infection-protective coatings, and antibiotic-like formulations. Their Progress Report further includes mechanistic insights as well as the different utilization modes of GMs as antimicrobial agents. This roadmap may help to overcome the challenges in the clinical translation of GMs for antimicrobial nanomedicines.


Mesoporous Silica and Organosilica Nanoparticles: Physical Chemistry, Biosafety, Delivery Strategies, and Biomedical Applications

by Jonas G. Croissant, Yevhen Fatieiev, Abdulaziz Almalik and Niveen M. Khashab

Silica-based nanoparticles are commonly used in personal care and cosmetic products, and more recently have found applications as vectors for drug delivery. In this thorough Review Article, Kashab and colleagues summarize the chemical, physical, and biological properties and pure as well as hybridized silica nanomaterials. They detail how functionalization and composition can influence additional features such as biocompatibility, clearance, release properties, and response to stimuli. This information can be invaluable when designing silica nanoparticle systems for biomedical applications.


Enzyme-based Glucose Sensor: From Invasive to Wearable Device

by Hyunjae Lee, Yongseok Joseph Hong, Seungmin Baik, Taeghwan Hyeon and Dae‐Hyeong Kim

This progress report discusses the principles and evolution of enzyme‐based electrochemical glucose sensors from the aspects of materials, device structures, fabrication processes, and system engineering. They further highlight the current progress in the development of enzyme‐based glucose sensors and their integrated systems by means of invasive and noninvasive approaches using various biofluids or blood.


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