What’s the Issue? Biomimetic Interfaces in Biomedical Devices

by | Aug 10, 2017

This week’s Advanced Healthcare Materials special issue with João Mano, Ali Khademhosseini, and Insung Choi.

Advanced Healthcare Materials publishes a special issue on biomimetic interfaces in biomedical devices this week, guest-edited by João Mano (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Ali Khademhosseini (Harvard-MIT, USA), and Insung Choi (KAIST, Korea). This top-level issue includes an Editorial, a Review, two Progress Reports, four Communications, and eight Full Papers from leading teams of outstanding scientists in this extremely hot field of research – see the full list below.

The general performance of biomedical devices is dictated by the crosstalk of the material’s surface with the biological environment. The interface regulates important aspects at the biological and physicochemical points of view, and can be controlled using bio-inspired principles, by modifying the chemical nature of the biomaterial, exposure of biochemical signals or design of special physical and topological features. This special issue therefore collects contributions related to science and engineering of biomimetic interfaces that can tune important properties such as biomineralization, cell recruitment, behavior, and targeting, adhesiveness and wettability, adaptability and response to external stimuli, self-assembly, and protein adsorption and reorganization.

The front cover shown on the top right visualizes the work by Shoji Takeuchi (Uni Tokyo, Japan) and co-workers on rod-shaped neural units for 3D neural network connections, and the back cover displayed on the left features the study by AHM board member Kristi Anseth (Uni Colorado Boulder, USA) and collaborators on clickable microgel scaffolds for 3D cell encapsulation.

Xingyu Jiang and Lei Mou (NCNST, China) provide a comprehensive Review on materials for microfluidic immunoassays, and Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez (Uni Glasgow, UK) and Amaia Cipitria (Charité Berlin, Germany) discuss the latest developments in engineering cellular microenvironments. The Progress Report by Orit Shefi (Bar Ilan Uni, Israel) and colleagues on interactions of neurons with physical environments is highlighted on the inside front cover of this special issue on the right.

Guest editor and AHM board member João Mano et al. present multilayer membranes with nanotopography for cell alignment and morphology control (featured on the inside back cover on the left), and guest editor Insung Choi et al. demonstrate zwitterionic lipid masks for cell-cell interaction modulation. AHM board member Peter Fratzl, Ekaterina Skorb (MPI Colloids and Interfaces, Germany) et al. report on the effect of nanostructured titanium surfaces on preosteoblasts (highlighted with a frontispiece on the bottom right).

Other excellent original research articles are contributed by Samir Mitragotri (UC Santa Barbara, USA), Brigitte Städler (Aarhus Uni, Denmark), Noo Li Jeon (Seoul National Uni, Korea), Caitlin Howell (Harvard, USA) and Joanna Aizenberg, Shutao Wang (CAS, China) and Lei Jiang, Michiya Matsusaki, Mitsuru Akashi (Osaka Uni, Japan), and Patrick Couvreur, Bing Xu (Brandeis Uni, USA) and Daniela Dinulescu (Harvard, USA), together with all their co-authors – see the full list below.

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Biomimetic Interfaces in Biomedical Devices

João F. Mano, Insung S. Choi, and Ali Khademhosseini


Materials for Microfluidic Immunoassays: A Review

Lei Mou and Xingyu Jiang

Progress Reports:

Interactions of Neurons with Physical Environments

Michal Marcus, Koby Baranes, Matthew Park, Insung S. Choi, Kyungtae Kang, and Orit Shefi

Mechanotransduction and Growth Factor Signalling to Engineer Cellular Microenvironments

Amaia Cipitria and Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez



Rod-Shaped Neural Units for Aligned 3D Neural Network Connection

Midori Kato-Negishi, Hiroaki Onoe, Akane Ito, and Shoji Takeuchi

Biomimetic Model of Tumor Microenvironment on Microfluidic Platform

Minhwan Chung, Jungho Ahn, Kyungmin Son, Sudong Kim, and Noo Li Jeon

Modulation of Heterotypic and Homotypic Cell–Cell Interactions via Zwitterionic Lipid Masks

Matthew Park, Wongu Youn, Doyeon Kim, Eun Hyea Ko, Beom Jin Kim, Sung Min Kang, Kyungtae Kang, and Insung S. Choi

Bioinspired Pollen-Like Hierarchical Surface for Efficient Recognition of Target Cancer Cells

Wenshuo Wang, Gao Yang, Haijun Cui, Jingxin Meng, Shutao Wang, and Lei Jiang


Full Papers:

The Role of Titanium Surface Nanostructuring on Preosteoblast Morphology, Adhesion, and Migration

Yulia Zhukova, Christian Hiepen, Petra Knaus, Marc Osterland, Steffen Prohaska, John W. C. Dunlop, Peter Fratzl, and Ekaterina V. Skorb

Control of Cell Alignment and Morphology by Redesigning ECM-Mimetic Nanotopography on Multilayer Membranes

Maria P. Sousa, Sofia G. Caridade, and João F. Mano

Clickable Microgel Scaffolds as Platforms for 3D Cell Encapsulation

Alexander S. Caldwell, Gavin T. Campbell, Kelly M. T. Shekiro, and Kristi S. Anseth

Bacterial Interactions with Immobilized Liquid Layers

Yevgen Kovalenko, Irini Sotiri, Jaakko V. I. Timonen, Jonathan C. Overton, Gareth Holmes, Joanna Aizenberg, and Caitlin Howell

Small Subcompartmentalized Microreactors as Support for Hepatocytes

Yan Zhang, Marie Baekgaard-Laursen, and Brigitte Städler

Selectively Inducing Cancer Cell Death by Intracellular Enzyme-Instructed Self- Assembly (EISA) of Dipeptide Derivatives

Jie Li, Junfeng Shi, Jamie E. Medina, Jie Zhou, Xuewen Du, Huaimin Wang, Cuihong Yang, Jianfeng Liu, Zhimou Yang, Daniela M. Dinulescu, and Bing Xu

Desmoplastic Reaction in 3D-Pancreatic Cancer Tissues Suppresses Molecular Permeability

Michiya Matsusaki, Misaki Komeda, Simona Mura, Hiroyoshi Y. Tanaka, Mitsunobu R. Kano, Patrick Couvreur, and Mitsuru Akashi

Transdermal Protein Delivery Using Choline and Geranate (CAGE) Deep Eutectic Solvent

Amrita Banerjee, Kelly Ibsen, Yasunori Iwao, Michael Zakrewsky, and Samir Mitragotri


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