Pfizer to seek approval for a new COVID-19 booster shot

Citing concern over vaccine efficacy against emerging variants, Pfizer seeks approval for a third booster, but many are not yet convinced it is necessary.

Metabolic activators improve recovery time in patients with mild to moderate COVID-19

Small clinical trial has found that metabolic activators can improve recovery, liver health, and markers of inflammation in patients with COVID-19.

Why is there hype around the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine?

The protein-based vaccine has been highly anticipated, showing high efficacy against variants of concern.

Evaluating the filtering performance of facial masks

It’s well understood that any mask reduces the transmission of viral particles but some are more effective than others.

Warmer temperatures lessen COVID-19 spread, but control measures still needed

Study shows that temperature changes have a smaller effect on transmission than policy interventions like lockdowns and social distancing.

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