Materials for Healthcare: Virtually All Advances

Materials for HealthcareForMaterials for Healthcare the last five years, Advanced Healthcare Materials has been bringing you the latest breakthroughs in biomedical materials science with a strong focus on linking basic laboratory research to the clinic and improving human health.

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To highlight some of the cutting-edge research that we have published recently, we have assembled virtual issues on five currently hot topics. Please click on the pictures below to explore these special collections. All articles are currently freely available for everybody to access, download, and read until the end of 2017.



Nanotherapeutics – This virtual issue contains publications that address multiple key challenges in creating new nanotherapies involving the controlled release of drugs to target different medical conditions.



Regenerative Medicine – This virtual issue covers recent advances in developing polymer-based and other nanomaterials that can be employed in translational strategies for the repair and regeneration of human tissues.



Biofabrication for Tissue Engineering – Research ranging from 3D bioprinting of scaffolds and hydrogels to other micro- and nanofabrication techniques for microtissue and implant generation is collected in this virtual issue.



Stem Cell Research and Therapies – This virtual issue has articles on biomaterial scaffolds, cell culture and encapsulation technologies, and stem cell and matrix engineering with implications for stem cell-based therapies.



Diagnostic Devices for Healthcare – This virtual issue focuses on new biomedical diagnostic technologies, from point-of-care diagnostics to flexible and wearable health-monitoring devices as well as various biosensors.