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Regenerative MedicineRegenerativeRegenerative Medicine medicine is an interdisciplinary field that aims at repairing or replacing damaged tissues and organs. This rapidly evolving research area employs different strategies including cell-based therapies, biomaterial scaffolds for tissue engineering, and fabrication of artificial organs. Besides its promising clinical implications towards tissue healing and reducing the need for matched organs for transplantation, regenerative medicine also provides the means to create platforms for drug discovery and toxicity assessment.

Advanced Healthcare Materials publishes research covering various tools of this field, in which biomaterials such as polymers and nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, and nanofibers) have enabled strategies for the development of more functional reparative therapies that address unmet clinical needs in the skin, nerve, cartilage, bone, and cardiovascular regeneration. This virtual issue brings you some of the great research published on the advances in materials and approaches in this research field. All articles are currently freely available for everybody to access, download, and read until the end of 2017.


Review articles:

Advances in Skin Regeneration: Application of Electrospun Scaffolds

Mohammad Norouzi, Samaneh Moghadasi Boroujeni, Noushin Omidvarkordshouli, and Masoud Soleimani

Graphene-Based Materials in Regenerative Medicine

Xili Ding, Haifeng Liu, and Yubo Fan

Generation and Assessment of Functional Biomaterial Scaffolds for Applications in Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Svenja Hinderer, Eva Brauchle, and Katja Schenke-Layland

Repairing Peripheral Nerves: Is there a Role for Carbon Nanotubes?

Karen M. Oprych, Raymond L. D. Whitby, Sergey V. Mikhalovsky, Paul Tomlins, and Jimi Adu

Peripheral Nerve Regeneration: Current Status and New Strategies Using Polymeric Materials

Ana C. Pinho, Ana C. Fonseca, Arménio C. Serra, José D. Santos, and Jorge F. J. Coelho

The Bioactivity of Cartilage Extracellular Matrix in Articular Cartilage Regeneration

Amanda J. Sutherland, Gabriel L. Converse, Richard A. Hopkins, and Michael S. Detamore

Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Recent Advances and Perspectives from Gene Regulation/Therapy

Kuei-Chang Li and Yu-Chen Hu

Biomaterials for Bone Regenerative Engineering

Xiaohua Yu, Xiaoyan Tang, Shalini V. Gohil, and Cato T. Laurencin


Original research articles:

3D Cardiac Microtissues Encapsulated with the Co-Culture of Cardiomyocytes and Cardiac Fibroblasts

Harpinder Saini, Ali Navaei, Alison Van Putten, and Mehdi Nikkhah

Gel Scaffolds of BMP-2-Binding Peptide Amphiphile Nanofibers for Spinal Arthrodesis

Sungsoo S. Lee, Erin L. Hsu, Marco Mendoza, Jason Ghodasra, Michael S. Nickoli, Amruta Ashtekar, Mahesh Polavarapu, Jacob Babu, Rehan M. Riaz, Joseph D. Nicolas, David Nelson, Sohaib Z. Hashmi, Stuart R. Kaltz, Jeffrey S. Earhart, Bradley R. Merk, Jeff S. McKee, Shawn F. Bairstow, Ramille N. Shah, Wellington K. Hsu, and Samuel I. Stupp


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