Cover Art – Theranostics, Pre-Metastatic Niche and Bone Regeneration

by | May 27, 2018

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Excitation‐Dependent Theranostic Nanosheet for Cancer Treatment

by Shanyue Guan, Di Yang, Yangziwan Weng, Heng Lu, Xiangmin Meng, Xiaozhong Qu and Shuyun Zhou

A novel nanosheet for tumor theranostics via either in vivo photoluminescence imaging of the hypoxia condition, or a subsequent topical killing of cancer cells by the generation of 1O2, is developed by Shuyun Zhao and co‐workers. The two functions are switchable by just changing the wavelength of the excitation light.

Biomaterial Scaffolds as Pre‐metastatic Niche Mimics Systemically Alter the Primary Tumor and Tumor Microenvironment

by Brian A. Aguado, Rachel M. Hartfield, Grace G. Bushnell, Joseph T. Decker, Samira M. Azarin, Dhaval Nanavati, Matthew J. Schipma, Shreyas S. Rao, Robert S. Oakes, Yining Zhang, Jacqueline S. Jeruss and Lonnie D. Shea

Biomaterial implants that mimic the premetastatic niche are shown to redirect immune and tumor cell populations in vivo. However, the systemic effects of premetastatic niche mimics on metastasis progression have yet to be characterized. In this article by Lonnie D. Shea and co‐workers, synthetic biomaterial implants are shown to systemically alter the primary tumor and the tumor microenvironment to promote an invasion‐suppressive phenotype.


Novel 3D Hybrid Nanofiber Aerogels Coupled with BMP‐2 Peptides for Cranial Bone Regeneration

by Lin Weng, Sunil Kumar Boda, Hongjun Wang, Matthew J. Teusink, Franklin D. Shuler and Jingwei Xie

Jingwei Xie and co‐workers report the fabrication of novel three‐dimensional (3D) hybrid nanofiber aerogels composed of electrospun PLGA‐collagen‐gelatin (PCG) and Sr‐Cu co‐doped bioactive glass (BG) fiber segments, with incorporation of heptaglutamate E7 domain specific BMP‐2 peptides, through calcium binding. Their potential applications in healing a critical‐sized cranial bone defect is reported.



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