Cover Art – Nanoparticles against Cancer and Biofabrication for Nerve Regeneration

by | May 1, 2018

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TwoPhotonExcited Silica and Organosilica Nanoparticles for Spatiotemporal Cancer Treatment

by Jonas G. Croissant, Jeffrey I. Zink, Laurence Raehm and JeanOlivier Durand

Two‐photon‐absorbing (2hνA) nanoparticles provide safer cancer treatment opportunities than current therapies lacking spatial and temporal selectivity thanks to their 3D spatial resolution and very low scattering. Jonas G. Croissant and co‐workers describe porous and nonporous 2hνA silica, organosilica, and gold‐silica nanoparticles for bio‐imaging, drug delivery, and photodynamic therapy via photolysis, energy transfer, and electron transfer mechanisms.



NanocarrierMediated Photochemotherapy and Photoradiotherapytment

by Antonia G. Denkova, Robine M. de Kruijff and Pablo SerraCrespo

Recent advancements in nanotechnology create opportunities to combine different treatment modalities such as photothermal and photodynamic therapy with chemo‐or radiotherapy in just one nanocarrier. These new multi—functional nanocarriers have a much better tumor killing efficiency than photo‐induced therapies alone and are expected to reduce side effects usually associated with conventional chemo‐ and radiotherapy. This is reviewed by Antonia G. Denkova and co‐workers.


Biomimetic Architectures for Peripheral Nerve Repair: A Review of Biofabrication Strategies

by Paul A. Wieringa, Ana Rita Gonçalves de Pinho, Silvestro Micera, Richard J. A. van Wezel and Lorenzo Moroni

Biofabrication strategies have made significant steps toward overcoming the clinical challenges of peripheral nerve repair. Many activities have focused on emulating the structural features of native nerve tissue which promote nerve regeneration, resulting in the development of a variety of fabrication techniques. In this progress report, Lorenzo Moroni and co‐workers discuss the most relevant approaches, highlight their biomimetic character, and assess performance in achieving nerve repair.



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