Park Systems Wins Award at NanoKorea 2012

by | Aug 16, 2012

Ministry of Knowledge and Economy award the Park NX10 a NanoKorea 2012 most innovative product prize.

Park Systems today announced that the Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Economy awarded the Park NX10, the world’s most accurate atomic force microscope, as a NanoKorea 2012 most innovative product. The NX10 builds on Park’s 29 years of experience and technical leadership in atomic force microscopes, and solidifies Park’s reputation as a leading nanotechnology solutions partner to research and industry.

The demonstration of accuracy with the NX10 especially impressed the panel from the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy. They recognized that in nanoscale metrology (measurement), accurate repeatable, reproducible and reliable data is just as important as the resolution of the microscope. At the heart of Park’s innovative design for the NX10 is a crosstalk elimination (XE) platform that ushers in a new era of nanometrology through overcoming the errors introduced by non-linearity and non-orthogonality of systems driven by conventional piezotube scanning.

“Our unique AFM technology has been proven in the most demanding applications, from nanoscale measurements in industry to single living cell research in biology,” said Dr. Sang-il Park, the founder and CEO of Park Systems. “The new AFM is the result of many years of commercial AFM development and numerous innovations therein, generation after generation since 1989. I believe it will exceed most people’s expectation of AFM, and it is an incredible step forward to the ultimate in AFM.”

Park’s True Non-Contact AFM combined with industry-leading Z-servo speed, XYZ scanner linearity, closed-loop noise detector, and minimized thermal drift, the NX10 is the world’s premium research-grade atomic force microscope (AFM). The NX10 is also Park’s most user-friendly AFM, with convenient controls and operational software that makes it intuitive for new and experienced users.

Source: Park Systems

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