Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – September 2016

by | Sep 27, 2016

The month’s top articles from the field of nanooptics, optoelectronics, metamaterials, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators and more.

Advanced Optical Materials brings you the newest breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics. The journal covers topics like nanooptics, optoelectronics, photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators, optical waveguides and more. Make sure to recommend the journal for online access to your librarian. All information can be found here.

Check out some of the most downloaded papers of the last month:

Five selected papers:

Light-Driven Soft Robot Mimics Caterpillar Locomotion in Natural Scale
by Mikołaj Rogóż, Hao Zeng, Chen Xuan, Diederik Sybolt Wiersma and Piotr Wasylczyk

Enhancing the Angular Sensitivity of Plasmonic Sensors Using Hyperbolic Metamaterials
by Kandammathe Valiyaveedu Sreekanth, Yunus Alapan, Mohamed ElKabbash, Amy M. Wen, Efe Ilker, Michael Hinczewski, Umut A. Gurkan, Nicole F. Steinmetz and Giuseppe Strangi

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Colloidal CH3NH3PbBr3 and CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots: A Comparison Study Using Z-Scan Technique
by Wen-Gao Lu, Cheng Chen, Dengbao Han, Linhua Yao, Junbo Han, Haizheng Zhong and Yongtian Wang

Recent Progress in Photoswitchable Supramolecular Self-Assembling Systems
by Xuyang Yao, Teng Li, Jie Wang, Xiang Ma and He Tian

20-mm-Large Single-Crystalline Formamidinium-Perovskite Wafer for Mass Production of Integrated Photodetectors
by Yucheng Liu, Jiankun Sun, Zhou Yang, Dong Yang, Xiaodong Ren, Hua Xu, Zupei Yang and Shengzhong (Frank) Liu

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