Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – May 2015

by | May 11, 2015

The month’s top articles from the field of nanooptics, optoelectronics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators and more.

excition plasmon couplingAdvanced Optical Materials brings you the newest breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics. The journal covers topics like nanooptics, optoelectronics, photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators, optical waveguides and more. Make sure to recommend the journal for online access to your librarian. All information can be found here.

Check out some of the most downloaded papers of the last month:

Five most downloaded papers: 

Efficient Exciton–Plasmon Conversion in Ag Nanowire/Monolayer MoS2 Hybrids: Direct Imaging and Quantitative Estimation of Plasmon Coupling and Propagation
by Hyun Seok Lee, Min Su Kim, Youngjo Jin, Gang Hee Han, Young Hee Lee and Jeongyong Kim

Amorphous Metal-Sulphide Microfibers Enable Photonic Synapses for Brain-Like Computing
by Behrad Gholipour, Paul Bastock, Chris Craig, Khouler Khan, Dan Hewak and Cesare Soci

Photonic Spin Hall Effect with Nearly 100% Efficiency
by Weijie Luo, Shiyi Xiao, Qiong He, Shulin Sun and Lei Zhou

Production of Monodisperse Gold Nanobipyramids with Number Percentages Approaching 100% and Evaluation of Their Plasmonic Properties
by Qian Li, Xiaolu Zhuo, Shuang Li, Qifeng Ruan, Qing-Hua Xu and Jianfang Wang

A Metamaterial Emitter for Highly Efficient Radiative Cooling
by Md Muntasir Hossain, Baohua Jia and Min Gu

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