Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – January 2016

by | Jan 19, 2016

The month’s top articles from the field of nanooptics, optoelectronics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators and more.

Plasmonic AbsorbersAdvanced Optical Materials brings you the newest breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics. The journal covers topics like nanooptics, optoelectronics, photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators, optical waveguides and more. Make sure to recommend the journal for online access to your librarian. All information can be found here.

Check out some of the most downloaded papers of the last month:

Five most downloaded papers: 

Flexible Phototransistors Based on Single‐Crystalline Silicon Nanomembranes
by Jung-Hun Seo, Kan Zhang, Munho Kim, Deyin Zhao, Hongjun Yang, Weidong Zhou and Zhenqiang Ma

Simultaneous Realization of High EQE of 30%, Low Drive Voltage, and Low Efficiency Roll-Off at High Brightness in Blue Phosphorescent OLEDs
by Kazuo Udagawa, Hisahiro Sasabe, Fumiaki Igarashi and Junji Kido

Electroluminescence Efficiency Enhancement in Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes by Embedding a Silver Nanoisland Layer
by Xuyong Yang, Pedro Ludwig Hernandez-Martinez, Cuong Dang, Evren Mutlugun, Kang Zhang, Hilmi Volkan Demir and Xiao Wei Sun

Controllable Growth Orientation of SnS2 Flakes for Low-Noise, High-Photoswitching Ratio, and Ultrafast Phototransistors
by Dun Yang, Bing Li, Chao Hu, Hui Deng, Dongdong Dong, Xiaokun Yang, Keke Qiao, Shengjie Yuan and Haisheng Song

Multidiffractive Broadband Plasmonic Absorber
by Imran Khan, Hamid Keshmiri, Florian Kolb, Theodoros Dimopoulos, Emil J. W. List-Kratochvil and Jakub Dostalek

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