Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – February 2016

by | Feb 5, 2016

The month’s top articles from the field of nanooptics, optoelectronics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators and more.

Perovskite Microwire LasersAdvanced Optical Materials brings you the newest breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics. The journal covers topics like nanooptics, optoelectronics, photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators, optical waveguides and more. Make sure to recommend the journal for online access to your librarian. All information can be found here.

Check out some of the most downloaded papers of the last month:

Five most downloaded papers: 

Two-Photon Pumped CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Microwire Lasers
by Zhiyuan Gu, Kaiyang Wang, Wenzhao Sun, Jiankai Li, Shuai Liu, Qinghai Song and Shumin Xiao

Optical Functional Materials Inspired by Biology
by Liping Wu, Jiaqing He, Wen Shang, Tao Deng, Jiajun Gu, Huilan Su, Qinglei Liu, Wang Zhang and Di Zhang

Organic Single Crystal Lasers: A Materials View
by Johannes Gierschner, Shinto Varghese and Soo Young Park

A “Si-Locked” Phosphine Oxide Host with Suppressed Structural Relaxation for Highly Efficient Deep-Blue TADF Diodes
by Jing Li, Dongxue Ding, Ying Wei, Jing Zhang and Hui Xu

Active Nanophotonic Circuitry Based on Dielectric‐loaded Plasmonic Waveguides
by Alexey V. Krasavin and Anatoly V. Zayats

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