Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – April 2017

by | Apr 20, 2017

The month’s top articles from the field of nanooptics, optoelectronics, metamaterials, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators and more.

Advanced Optical Materials brings you the newest breakthrough discoveries in optics and photonics. The journal covers topics such as nanooptics, optoelectronics, photonic crystals, nonlinear optics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators, optical waveguides and more. Make sure to recommend the journal for online access to your librarian. All information can be found here.

Check out some of the most downloaded papers of the last month:

Five selected papers:

Broadband Hot Electron Collection for Solar Water Splitting with Plasmonic Titanium Nitride
by Alberto Naldoni, Urcan Guler, Zhuoxian Wang, Marcello Marelli, Francesco Malara, Xiangeng Meng, Lucas V. Besteiro, Alexander O. Govorov, Alexander V. Kildishev, Alexandra Boltasseva and Vladimir M. Shalaev

Giant Two-Photon Absorption and Its Saturation in 2D Organic–Inorganic Perovskite
by Weiwei Liu, Jun Xing, Jiaxin Zhao, Xinglin Wen, Kai Wang, Peixiang Lu and Qihua Xiong

Strong Quantum Confinement and Fast Photoemission Activation in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Nanocrystals Grown within Periodically Mesostructured Films
by Miguel Anaya, Andrea Rubino, Teresa Cristina Rojas, Juan Francisco Galisteo-López, Mauricio Ernesto Calvo and Hernán Míguez

High-Efficiency, Blue, Green, and Near-Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Triple Cation Perovskite
by Hyeong Pil Kim, Jeongmo Kim, Byung Soon Kim, Hyo-Min Kim, Jeonggi Kim, Abd. Rashid bin Mohd Yusoff, Jin Jang and Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin

Optoelectronic Enhancement of Ultrathin CuIn1–xGaxSe2 Solar Cells by Nanophotonic Contacts
by Guanchao Yin, Mark W. Knight, Marie-Claire van Lare, Maria Magdalena Solà Garcia, Albert Polman and Martina Schmid

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