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Towards spintronics: integrating magnetic semiconductors

Dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) exhibit both ferromagnetism and semiconductor properties and have great potential applications in spintronics devices. Lead magneisum niobate titanate (PMN-PT) single crystals exhibit significantly superior piezoelectric properties and are believe to be the next-generation piezoelectric materials for acoustical, optical, medical, wireless communication, and other applications. The integration of DMS films with PMN-PT could lead to new functionalities such as the magnetoelectric effect, i.e., the control of electronic and magnetic properties of DMS films by application of an electric voltage across PMN-PT. I

In a step towards such systems, researchers have successfully deposited high quality DMS thin films on PMN-PT. Modulation of the electrical resistance and magnetization of DMS was realized through application of an electric voltage across PMN-PT. This discovery. the group believes, could lead to the development of a series of novel devices, especially sensors with multiple functionality, low dissipation and high sensitivity.

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