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Tools for Protein Science Special Issue

Protein Science has published a Special Issue on Tools for Protein Science edited by Brian Matthews from the University of Oregon.

Data analysis in life and physical sciences has come a long way since the development of high-power, high-speed computers, and computer programs. In the 1960s, at the dawn of modern-day protein research, it took several months of experiments and multiple protein crystals to obtain a single dataset for alpha-chymotrypsin. Fifty years later, the same task can be achieved in minutes using a single crystal structure thanks to the accessibility of state-of-the-art equipment and computational techniques.

This Special Issue of Protein Science introduces a new article type Tools for Protein Science– designated to describe novel computational procedures, databases, web servers and other tools for protein research, and to illustrate specific examples in each area. In his Editorial, Dr. Matthews highlights five key areas of protein research represented in this Special Issue:

  1. Structure determination from datasets obtained by X-ray crystallography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Electron Microscopy, and Circular Dichroism
  2. Protein Structure, Visualization, and Analysis
  3. Protein and Small Molecule Modeling
  4. Sequence Analysis
  5. Proteins in the Cells

Protein Science welcomes article submissions for Tools for Protein Science.

At the time of submission, the tool being described in Tools for Protein Science article type must be fully functioning and freely accessible for editorial review. The tool should be free and accessible to all users upon publication. An accessibility statement describing this access must be included in the manuscript. The format of the manuscript will be the same as for a Full-Length Article. For more information, please visit the Protein Science Author Guidelines here

We look forward to your Tools for Protein Science article submissions!

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