Special Issue: Renewable Energy Technologies

by | Sep 20, 2018

Batteries are a key part of the global push to lower emissions.

The battle to reign in the dumping of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, is one that is being fought on many fronts. In parallel with progress that is being made in the political and economic spheres, technological advances are rapidly enabling emission reductions.

Flexible lithium-ion batteries are another piece of the puzzle

In an effort to survey the state of play in the field of renewable energy technologies, Advanced Sustainable Systems and Advanced Materials Technologies, have joined forces to publish a virtual special issue on this subject.

Guest editor Guoxiu Wang has collated a selection of articles that highlights the dynamic nature of this field. A range of technologies are featured, from perovskite solar cells, to solar redox batteries and artificial photosynthesis, with a particular focus on the role that rechargeable batteries are increasingly coming to play.

In Prof. Wang’s home country of Australia the world’s largest rechargeable battery is helping the state of South Australia transition to an electricity grid that is more reliant on renewable energy. In this context, articles on many different battery chemistries are presented, from lithium-ion, to sodium-oxygen, and lithium-sulfur, giving readers an accurate picture of the current state of the field.

By publishing these articles in a dedicated issue, it is hoped that attention might be drawn to the synergies within the field, and perhaps inspire the development of the next generation in renewable energy technologies

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