Special Issue Bimetallic Nanomaterials

by | Jun 5, 2018

Recent developments and perspectives on bimetallic nanomaterials highlighted in Particle & Particle Systems Characterization.

Bimetallic Nanomaterials are in the focus of the newest Special Issue in Particle & Particle Systems Characterization. This Issue, published in May 2018 and entitled “Beyond the Gold Standard: Bimetallic Nanomaterials Bring New Properties and Functions”, is guest edited by  Sara E. Skrabalak, Jingyi Chen, Svetlana Neretina, and Dong Qin. Six Communications and ten Full Papers highlight how advances in synthesis enable new bimetallic materials with novel and enhanced properties for diverse applications. Different types of bimetallic nanoparticles including random alloys, intermetallics, heterostructures, and core@shell architectures cover the full range of recent developments as described in the Editorial.


 Find the comprehensive collection of articles below:



Beyond the Gold Standard: Bimetallic Nanomaterials Bring New Properties and Functions

Editorial by Guest Editors: Sara E. Skrabalak, Jingyi Chen, Svetlana Neretina, Dong Qin





Controlling Reduction Kinetics in the Galvanic Replacement Involving Metal Oxides Templates: Elucidating the Formation of Bimetallic Bowls, Rattles, and Dendrites from Cu2O Spheres

Thenner S. Rodrigues, Anderson G. M. da Silva, Rafael S. Alves, Isabel C. de Freitas, Daniela C. Oliveira, Pedro H. C. Camargo


Overcoming the Interfacial Lattice Mismatch: Geometry Control of Gold–Nickel Bimetallic Heteronanostructures

Guangfang Grace Li, Douglas A. Blom, Shubham Pandey, Robert J. Koch, Scott T. Misture, Simon R. Phillpot, Hui Wang


Controlling Au–Pd Surface on Au Nanocubes for Selective Catalytic Alkyne Semihydrogenation

Yaping Li, Qiaoxi Liu, Jianbo Jin, Wei Ye, Canyu Hu, Shanwei Hu, Zeming Qi, Ran Long, Li Song, Junfa Zhu, Yujie Xiong


Pd–Ru Bimetallic Nanocrystals with a Porous Structure and Their Enhanced Catalytic Properties

Shulin Wan, Qingxiao Wang, Haihang Ye, Moon J. Kim, Xiaohu Xia


Synthesis of PtAu Alloy Nanocrystals in Micelle Nanoreactors Enabled by Flash Heating and Cooling

Dongtang Zhang, Chunnian Chen, Xiayan Wang, Guangsheng Guo, Yugang Sun


Colloidal Clusters of Bimetallic Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Enhanced Sensing of Hydrogen in Aqueous Solution

Younghyun Wy, Seunghoon Lee, Dae Han Wi, Sang Woo Han


Full Papers:


High‐Yield Synthesis of Au@Ag Right Bipyramids and Self‐Assembly into Four‐Leaf‐Clover‐like Structures

Fei Ji, Qixuan Zhong, Jianmei Chen, Lei Chen, Huicheng Hu, Qipeng Liu, Peipei Yang Jiaqi Yu, Lin Jiang, Yong Xu, Elad Gross, Qiao Zhang


High‐Performance Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysis Enabled by 3D PdNi Nanocorals with Hierarchical Porosity

Zhenyuan Liu, Xiaoyu Yang, Lirui Cui, Zhaoping Shi, Bingqing Lu, Xiaomeng Guo, Jubing Zhang, Lin Xu, Yawen Tang, Yan Xiang


Synthesis of Flower‐Like AuPd@SiO2 Nanoparticles with a Broad Light Extinction for Application to Efficient Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells

Masaharu Tsuji, Keiko Uto, Jun‐Ichiro Hayashi, Akihiko Yoshiwara


Controllably Hollow AgAu Nanoparticles via Nonaqueous, Reduction Agent‐Assisted Galvanic Replacement

Sarah M. Rehn, Emilie Ringe


Multigram Synthesis of Cu‐Ag Core–Shell Nanowires Enables the Production of a Highly Conductive Polymer Filament for 3D Printing Electronics

Mutya A. Cruz, Shengrong Ye, Myung Jun Kim, Christopher Reyes, Feichen Yang, Patrick F. Flowers, Benjamin J. Wiley


Copper Template Design for the Synthesis of Bimetallic Copper–Rhodium Nanoshells through Galvanic Replacement

Arin S. Preston, Robert A. Hughes, Trevor B. Demille, Svetlana Neretina


Phase Separation in AgCu and AgNi Core–Shell Icosahedral Nanoparticles: A Harmonic Thermodynamics Study

Daniele Bonventre, Emanuele Panizon, Riccardo Ferrando


Synthetic Routes to Shaped AuPt Core–Shell Particles with Smooth Surfaces Based on Design Rules for Au Nanoparticle Growth

Aidan L. Stone, Melissa E. King, Sean P. McDarby, Daniel D. Robertson, Michelle L. Personick


Pt/Co‐Au Dumbbell‐Like Nanorods for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Performance of Formic Acid Electrooxidation

Xiaotong Li, Junshu Zhang, Shufang Kou, Xianfeng Yang, Xia Guo, Jian Yang


Tailoring the Surface Structures of CuPt and CuPtRu 1D Nanostructures by Coupling Coreduction with Galvanic Replacement

Leanne E. Mathurin, Mourad Benamara, Jing Tao, Yimei Zhu, Jingyi Chen

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