Latest news in polymer science: editor picks from Polymer Physics

by | May 3, 2012

Download the latest Editor's Choice papers from the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics for free.

Download the latest Editor’s Choice papers from the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics for free, including expert perspectives on photoresponsive polymers and mechanical energy harvesting with electrostrictive polymers, as well as the most recent research developments in multifunctional graphene composites, polymer transistors, and wet and dry adhesives:

  •  Multifunctional elastomer nanocomposites with functionalized graphene single sheets, by Bulent Ozbas, Christopher D. O’Neill, Richard A. Register, Ilhan A. Aksay, Robert K. Prud’homme and Douglas H. Adamson.
    Adamson and colleagues show that, thanks to their unique shape, single graphene sheets act as multifunctional fillers for several types of elastomers, imparting not only better mechanical properties, but also reduced gas permeation and electrical conductivity.
  •  Electrostrictive polymers for mechanical energy harvesting, by MickaëlLallart, Pierre-Jean Cottinet, Daniel Guyomar and Laurent Lebrun.
    Daniel Guyomar and colleagues take a look at research in the growing field of electrostrictive polymers—materials that deform under the influence of an electric field—for energy generation, with recent advances, fundamental mechanisms, and future challenges all discussed.
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