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by | Sep 10, 2012

Laser & Photonics Reviews will now accept original papers and letters, with immediate effect.

Effective immediately, the editorial office of Laser & Photonics Reviews (LPR), with the support of the Editorial Advisory Board, has decided that it will now accept submissions of research communications.

Not long ago LPR was founded to serve a certain need in the optics community, namely to “target carefully selected and stringently reviewed summaries of hot topics in one journal”. Since then it published 187 review articles in various fields of high current interest, like plasmonics, laser crystals, nanophotonics, fiber lasers, biophotonics, photonic crystal fibers, nano- and micro fabrication, quantum information, optical communication and devices and so forth. LPR has proven to be a valuable source of information and reference. The journal is among the best optics journals worldwide and also ranks high (top 10) in the field of applied physics.

In the future Laser & Photonics Reviews will continue to invite top scientists to summarize their area of research in the usual reviews style. But since review articles by definition do not present the latest news and trends in the field there is more that can be done. Timeliness can only be achieved by brief and rapidly published communications. Thus, Laser & Photonics Reviews decided to welcome high quality research communications, i.e. original papers and letters, with immediate effect. The aim is to present the latest and most relevant findings in the field of optics. Only the best papers will be considered for publication and a strict peer-review will ensure that LPR keeps its position among the most renowned optics journals. Therefore, the only criterion is scientific excellence.

Due to this policy change Laser & Photonics Reviews expects a higher submission rate than in the past. More top scientists have been invited to support the journal as editorial advisors and the in-house editorial capacity has also been increased. Now LPR welcomes Sune Svanberg (Lund), Luc Thévenaz (Lausanne), Philippe Lalanne (Maroussis, Paris), and Niek van Hulst (Barcelona) as new board members. With their help the journal strengthens its expertise in growing fields such as nanophotonics and optical fibers.                          

Please have a look at the journal website and make use of this new opportunity. Submit your latest results and groundbreaking findings here:

The Editorial in pdf format can be downloaded here.


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