Happy Birthday! Advanced Engineering Materials Turns 20

by | Feb 19, 2019

Happy 20th birthday to Advanced Engineering Materials!

20 years ago, Advanced Engineering Materials (AEM) was launched in cooperation with DGM, as the first spin‐off of Advanced Materials, Wiley’s interdisciplinary flagship journal in Materials Science.

While Advanced Materials focuses on functional materials, AEM offers a home for research on materials for engineering applications, i.e., mainly structural materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, intermetallics, and coatings.

Its founding Editor was Jörn Ritterbusch, who is today Editor‐in‐Chief of Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Sustainable Systems, as well as Global Challenges.

“Hard to believe that already 20 years have passed since we saw the inaugural issue of Advanced Engineering Materials. This would not have been [possible] without the help and enthusiasm of several active scientists.” – Dr. Jörn Ritterbusch, Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Functional Materials.

AEM’s Impact Factor continues to increase over the years and is currently 2.576 (2018 Journal Citation Reports).

Celebrating the 20th anniversary is a good opportunity to look back at what the journal has achieved. In 1999 four issues were published with 24 articles from ten countries (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, USA, and Australia) and in its second year 12 issues were published with 117 contributions.

Furthermore, most of the AEM authors were from Europe; in 2018 we received contributions from 53 countries worldwide and experts from 16 countries supported us as Advisory Board members, making AEM a global success. The current list of Editorial Advisory Board Members of AEM can be found here on the journal’s homepage.

Hierarchical honeycombs with a superior performance compared to the regular honeycomb of equal mass. See here for more results from the work from Ashkan Vaziri and co-workers.

Starting in 2019 AEM introduced an Advanced Engineering Materials Hall of Fame series of invited-only review articles from the top scientists in the field. The first article has been published in the first issue and can be found here.

The following Hall of Fame articles will be clearly marked to indicate that they are part of the series, and will be collected into a special virtual issue online. Furthermore, articles will be highlighted here on our Advanced Science News website.

Meanhwile, don’t miss out the first issue of 2019, which is free to read for everyone!

The first issue not only contains loads of interesting articles on engineering and a message from the editors, it also contains a Special Section on Nanostructured Metallic Materials and Composites: Processes, Properties and Microstructures.

The guest editors are Andrea Bachmaier (Erich Schmid Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences), Anton Hohenwarter (Montanuniversität Leoben, Department of Materials Physics), Heinz Werner Höppel (Friedrich‐Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg, Institute I: General Materials Properties) and Julia Ivanisenko (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Nanotechnology).

We are looking forward to new, exciting content at AEM! Please submit your manuscript today and stay tuned to the newest content here. We would be happy to receive your feedback anytime at [email protected].

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