Growing polymer nanofibres with ease

Fibres and fibre-bundles of polymeric materials with a diameter around 100nm are essential for the growth of advanced technologies in both traditional and novel engineering areas such mechanical, electronics and biomedicine. What is lacking is the process and forming technology which will enable their economical production in large quantities.

Now, new research in this field from UCL has resulted in a device and method which enables the ambient temperature production of these fibres in a commercially attractive way. The method involves a simple rotating vessel kept under pressure. The diameter and length is controlled to suit the intended application of the fibers. The method has the added advantage of being able to generate fibres without the material coming under the influence of a high electric field (electrospinning) commonly used for fibre production.

The scientific phenomena behind the new process is also analysed in the paper and videos which demonstrate key aspects of the process can be viewed below.

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