Advanced Optical Materials – January Issue Covers

by | Jan 22, 2016

Check out the articles highlighted on the covers of the latest issue of Advanced Optical Materials.

ADOM2016JanU1The latest issue of Advanced Optical Materials is now available. You can sign up to access all Advanced Optical Materials articles right here!

These articles were highlighted on the covers of the Advanced Optical Materials January issue:

Flexible phototransistors with a back-gate configuration based on transferrable single-crystalline Si nanomembranes (Si NM) are demonstrated by Z. Ma and co-workers. Having the Si NM as the top layer enables full exposure of the active region to any incident light and thus allows effective light sensing. Highly sensitive light detection and stable performance under bending conditions offer great promise for high-performance, flexible, optical sensor applications, with easy integration for multifunctional applications.

ADOM2016JanU2S. Chen, J. Tian, and co-workers propose a graphene-loaded metadevice which can dynamically modulate the polarization state of light over a wide range. The polarization state of the reflected light can be modulated to be right circularly polarized, left circularly polarized, and linearly polarized by switching the gate voltage between three different values. Based on this polarization-control feature, the metadevice can be employed for realizing polarization encoding and polarization-division multiplexing techniques based on circular orthogonal polarization.

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