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by | Dec 22, 2014

Check out the articles highlighted on the covers of the latest issue of Advanced Optical Materials.

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These articles were highlighted on the covers of the Advanced Optical Materials December issue:

Ultralow power and ultrafast all-optical control of a polarization-insensitive metamaterial-induced transparency are realized by X. Y. Hu, Q. H. Gong, and co-workers. They adopt gold nanoprism trimers as meta-molecules and use a multilayer-graphene microsheet/polycrystalline ITO composite as a nonlinear medium. This allows the realization of quantum solid chips based on metamaterials, and also a strategy for constructing photonic materials with large nonlinearity and ultrafast response.ADOM12U2

Resistive Switching
Conic nanofilaments within resistive switching devices bearing resemblance to stalactites of the Damlataş Cave in Alanya (Antalya, Turkey) are fabricated by A. K. Okyay and co-workers. These devices allow control of light–matter interactions. Filament formation and the dissolution mechanism of resistive switching result in non-volatile modulation of the refractive index of active device material. This novel way of taming light based on resistive switching memories uses atomic scale modifications in the active layer via electrical stimulus.

A liquid sample flows through a channel and small droplets are suspended by a capillary or a simple glass wire. In this way, optical resonators with Q-factors exceeding 105 are created by G. Gagliardi and co-workers. A free-space infrared laser beam is focused very close to a sphere’s equator to excite whispering gallery modes. The transmitted and scattered beams are simultaneously detected for laser-frequency locking on the resonances and real-time chemical and particle sensing.

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