Advanced Materials Top 40 for August 2, 2012

by | Aug 2, 2012

The University of Kiel's aerographite maintains its grip at the top of the Advanced Materials Top 40 this week.
Advanced Materials Top 40

The University of Kiel’s aerographite maintains its grip on the Advanced Materials Top 40, taking top place for the second week in a row, and making it 6 weeks since it entered the charts. Number 2 this week, up from number 13, is work on polymer-network-based self-healing surfaces.

Elsewhere, work on using metal oxide nanoparticles in solar cells is a new entry at number 3, and George Whitesides’ perennial favourite on writing a scientific paper is up 18 places to number 12. 

Rank Article Position last week Change Weeks in the Top 40  
1 Aerographite: Ultra Lightweight, Flexible Nanowall, Carbon Microtube Material with Outstanding Mecha 1 0 6 Tweet
2 Self-Replenishing Surfaces 13 11 2 Tweet
3 Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as an Electron-Transport Layer in High-Performance and Stable Inverted   1 Tweet
4 Rectangular Symmetry Morphologies in a Topographically Templated Block Copolymer   1 Tweet
5 Optically Tunable Amino-Functionalized Graphene Quantum Dots   1 Tweet
6 Functionalized Graphene Sheets as Molecular Templates for Controlled Nucleation and Self-Assembly 12 6 2 Tweet
7 Direct Growth of TiO2 Nanosheet Arrays on Carbon Fibers for Highly Efficient Photocatalytic Degradat 1 0 1 Tweet
8 Efficient Polymer Solar Cells Based on a Low Bandgap Semi-crystalline DPP Polymer-PCBM Blends   1 Tweet
9 Highly Conductive and Stretchable Silver Nanowire Conductors 3 –6 2 Tweet
10 Graphene and Graphene Oxide: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications 14 4 11 Tweet
11 Three-Dimensional Nitrogen and Boron Co-doped Graphene for High-Performance All-Solid-Stat 7 –4 2 Tweet
12 Whitesides’ Group: Writing a Paper 30 18 11 Tweet
13 Observation of Conductance Quantization in Oxide-Based Resistive Switching Memory   1 Tweet
14 Preparation of Highly Moisture-Resistant Black-Colored Metal Organic Frameworks   1 Tweet
15 Spontaneous and Fast Growth of Large-Area Graphene Nanofilms Facilitated by Oil/Water Interfaces   1 Tweet
16 Functional Nanoporous Graphene Foams with Controlled Pore Sizes 4 –12 2 Tweet
17 Substrate-Free Fabrication of Self-Supporting ZnO Nanowire Arrays   1 Tweet
18 Templated Nanocarbons for Energy Storage 5 –13 2 Tweet
19 High Efficiency Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Tandem Solar Cells 9 –10 2 Tweet
20 A 3D Interconnected Microchannel Network Formed in Gelatin by Sacrificial Shellac Microfibers   1 Tweet
21 Flexible Pyroelectric Nanogenerators using a Composite Structure of Lead-Free KNbO3 Nanowires   1 Tweet
22 Nanopattern Fabrication of Gold on Hydrogels and Application to Tunable Photonic Crystal   1 Tweet
23 Single-Crystalline Silver Films for Plasmonics   1 Tweet
24 Remotely Controllable Liquid Marbles   1 Tweet
25 For the Bright Future—Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells with Power Conversion Efficiency of   1 Tweet
26 Roll-to-Roll Fabrication of Multilayer Films for High Capacity Optical Data Storage 27 1 2 Tweet
27 State of the Art of Carbon Nanotube Fibers: Opportunities and Challenges   1 Tweet
28 Utilizing 3D SERS Active Volumes in Aligned Carbon Nanotube Scaffold Substrates   1 Tweet
29 Towards Textile Energy Storage from Cotton T-Shirts 2 –27 5 Tweet
30 On the Origin of Contact Resistances of Organic Thin Film Transistors   1 Tweet
31 Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Biocompatibility and Drug Delivery   1 Tweet
32 Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of Metal–Organic Complex Nanowires: Reduced Graphene Oxide Enha   1 Tweet
33 Scalable Fabrication of Silicon Nanotubes and their Application to Energy Storage   1 Tweet
34 High Thermal Responsiveness of a Reduced Graphene Oxide Field-Effect Transistor   1 Tweet
35 Self-Healing of Covalently Cross-Linked Polymers by Reshuffling Thiuram Disulfide Moieties in Ai   1 Tweet
36 One-Dimensional Nanostructures: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications   1 Tweet
37 A Hydrogen Peroxide-Responsive O2 Nanogenerator for Ultrasound and Magnetic-Resonance Dual Modal   1 Tweet
38 Transition Metal Oxides for Organic Electronics: Energetics, Device Physics and Applications   1 Tweet
39 Building Bridges: Leveraging Interdisciplinary Collaborations in the Development of Biomaterials to   1 Tweet
40 Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors: A Review of Recent Advances 38 –2 11 Tweet

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