Advanced Materials Top 40 for July 6, 2012

by | Jul 6, 2012

It's a new top 40 and a new top 3 this week, with a distinctly nano theme: work on making and using gold nanorods comes in at number one.
Advanced Materials Top 40

It’s a new top 40 and a new top 3 this week, with a distinctly nano theme: work on making and using gold nanorods comes in at number one.

Numbers 2 and 3 are both energy-related; an Indian research team discusses engineering their energy-storing hybrid nanostructures at number 2, while number 3 sees an MIT group construct polymer-free, carbon-based photovoltaics; these devices have no polymeric active or transport layer, instead relying on the electronic properties of a carbon nanotube – fullerene interface to produce voltage.

Also, this week’s number 15 – A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper – forms the basis for the first MaterialsViews online event, taking place on July the 16th. Please visit this page if you would like to attend.


Rank Article Position last week Change Weeks in the Top 40
1 Functional Gold Nanorods: Synthesis, Self‐Assembly, and Sensing Applications 1 Tweet
2 Hybrid Nanostructures for Energy Storage Applications 1 Tweet
3 Polymer‐Free Near‐Infrared Photovoltaics with Single Chirality (6,5) Semiconducting Carbon Nanot 1 Tweet
4 Towards Textile Energy Storage from Cotton T‐Shirts 39 +35 2 Tweet
5 Generation of a Library of Non‐Toxic Quantum Dots for Cellular Imaging and siRNA Delivery 1 Tweet
6 Aerographite: Ultra Lightweight, Flexible Nanowall, Carbon Microtube Material with Outstanding Mecha 24 +18 3 Tweet
7 Toward Robust Nanogenerator Using Aluminum Substrate 1 Tweet
8 A Solid‐State Plasmonic Solar Cell via Metal Nanoparticle Self‐Assembly 1 Tweet
9 Highly Stretchable and Highly Conductive Metal Electrode by Very Long Metal Nanowire Percolation Net 25 +16 2 Tweet
10 Graphene Oxide as an Optical Biosensing Platform 27 +17 2 Tweet
11 Bio‐Inspired Nacre‐like Composite Films Based on Graphene with Superior Mechanical, Electrical, 1 Tweet
12 Transfer‐Printing of As‐Fabricated Carbon Nanotube Devices onto Various Substrates 1 Tweet
13 Engineering the Electronic Structure of Graphene 1 Tweet
14 Whitesides’ Group: Writing a Paper 13 –1 8 Tweet
15 A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper 1 Tweet
16 Graphene and Graphene Oxide: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications 5 –11 8 Tweet
17 Improving the Ordering and Photovoltaic Properties by Extending π–Conjugated Area of Electron‐D 2 –15 2 Tweet
18 Novel Highly Conductive and Transparent Graphene‐Based Conductors 3 5 Tweet
19 Near‐Infrared Light‐Responsive Intracellular Drug and siRNA Release Using Au Nanoensembles with 18 –1 2 Tweet
20 Engineering Plasmonic Gold Nanostructures and Metamaterials for Biosensing and Nanomedicine 1 Tweet
21 Oxide Semiconductor Thin‐Film Transistors: A Review of Recent Advances 6 –15 8 Tweet
22 Self‐Healing of Covalently Cross‐Linked Polymers by Reshuffling Thiuram Disulfide Moieties in Ai 1 Tweet
23 Formation of ZnMn2O4 Ball‐in‐Ball Hollow Microspheres as a High‐Performance Anode for Lithium-ion batteries 1 Tweet
24 Highly Stable Air Working Bimorph Actuator Based on a Graphene Nanosheet/Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Elec 1 Tweet
25 Nanocomposite Microcontainers 1 Tweet
26 Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Biocompatibility and Drug Delivery 16 –10 8 Tweet
27 “Cut and Stick” Rubbery Ion Gels as High Capacitance Gate Dielectrics 1 Tweet
28 Post‐Deposition Treatment of an Arylated‐Carbazole Conjugated Polymer for Solar Cell Fabrication 1 Tweet
29 For the Bright Future—Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells with Power Conversion Efficiency of 26 –3 2 Tweet
30 ZnO Hollow Spheres with Double‐Yolk Egg Structure for High‐Performance Photocatalysts and Photod 1 Tweet
31 Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation Using Polymorphic Macroporous TaON 1 Tweet
32 Chemical Patterning and Physical Refinement of Reactive Superhydrophobic Surfaces 1 Tweet
33 Crafting Semiconductor Organic−Inorganic Nanocomposites via Placing Conjugated Polymers in Intimat 1 Tweet
34 Highly Stretchable Alkaline Batteries Based on an Embedded Conductive Fabric 1 Tweet
35 Highly π‐Extended Copolymers with Diketopyrrolopyrrole Moieties for High‐Performance Field‐Ef 14 –21 3 Tweet
36 A New Approach for Probing the Mobility and Lifetime of Photogenerated Charge Carriers in Organic So 1 Tweet
37 Magnetic Properties of Crystalline and Amorphous Phase‐Change Materials Doped with 3d Impurities 1 Tweet
38 Large Enhancement of Upconversion Luminescence of NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ Nanocrystal by 3D Plasmonic Nano-antennas 1 Tweet
39 Dual Plasmonic Nanostructures for High Performance Inverted Organic Solar Cells 12 –27 8 Tweet
40 On the Origin of Contact Resistances of Organic Thin Film Transistors 1 Tweet



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