A week in the materials industry: February 11th 2014

by | Feb 11, 2014

A roundup of news from the past week in the materials science industry.

NaturalNano announces that it has received new funding to expand and upgrade its newly acquired General Super Plating facility (Azonano, Wednesday).

BASF inaugurates a new battery research and development centre in Amagasaki, Japan (Wednesday).

Linde receives American Chemistry Council certification for its Medford, Oregon high-purity gases plant (Azom, Wednesday).

PlasticLogic and Novaled announce a partnership to produce a series of technology demonstrators, starting with the unveiling of a flexible, fully organic AMOLED display at the Flextech Conference in Phoenix (BusinessWire, Wednesday).

NASA declares an interest in 3D printing for future space missions by starting a series of formal projects to prototype tools (Goddard Space Flight Center, Wednesday).

KIT spinoff Nanoscribe is awarded the 2014 PRISM award from the International Society for Optics and Photonics for its 3D laser lithography printer (KIT, Wednesday).

The Finnish Mint chooses a coating solution from Beneq to protect its upcoming special issue of €20 coins (Azom, Thursday)

Schuler and Dörries Scharmann successfully collaborate to retrofit a 30 year old Wotan Rapid 6 large boring machine (Thursday).

Quantum Materials successfully secures funding to expand its production of tetrapod quantum dots (Azonano, Friday).

NanoStruck’s nanotech based solution for recovery gold from mine tailings shows better results than expected by industry observers (AzoNano, Monday).

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