USB to Ethernet Converter for Spectrometers

by | Jan 21, 2012

USB to Ethernet converter device “AvaGigE” which enables the entire line of “Avaspec” USB-controlled spectrometers to plug into the Ethernet.
Avantes USB to Ethernet Converter for spectrometers

Avantes USB to Ethernet Converter for spectrometersManufacturer: Avantes

The converter consists of a hardware device which enables connection of a single or up to eight spectrometers (via USB hub) and a web-based configuration utility. It handles all synchronization between channels. Once the connection has been configured, the spectrometers can be addressed via the proprietary “AvaSoft” operating software or the “AS5216” DLL interface (no Windows drivers needed).

The device supports data transfer speeds which are nearly equivalent to direct USB 2.0 communication. The maximum network cable length can be up to 100 meters. The device has a power input (110–240 VAC/50–60 Hz) with max. 20 W, the dimensions are 110 × 69.5 × 48.5 mm3.

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