Ultratech Announces Asset Acquisition of Cambridge Nanotech

by | Jan 3, 2013

Company announces aquisition assests of former leader in atomic layer deposition (ALD) solutions.

Ultratech, Inc., a leading supplier of lithography and laser-processing systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), today announced that it has acquired the assets of Cambridge Nanotech, Inc. (Cambridge).

Based in Cambridge, Mass., Cambridge was a leader in atomic layer deposition (ALD) solutions with hundreds of system installations in research and manufacturing settings worldwide. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. With this acquisition, Ultratech expands its nanotechnology and intellectual property (IP) portfolio with ALD technology to provide solutions for new layers within the electronics industry and entry into new markets, such as biomedical and energy.

Due to the increasing interest in nanoscience, ALD has emerged as a critical technology for depositing precise nanometer-thin films. Typical applications of ALD require the manufacture of very precise nanometer–thin, pinhole–free and conformal thin films on many shapes and geometries. As a result, this technology will be in high demand in volume manufacturing environments and in particular for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMs), implantable devices in the biomedical sector and batteries and fuel cells in the energy arena. ALD is an enabling technology and provides coatings and material features with significant advantages to other existing techniques.

Ultratech Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arthur W. Zafiropoulo stated, “As a global leader in experimental ALD solutions, Cambridge has developed a portfolio of valuable technology and systems. We plan to integrate the intellectual property acquired from Cambridge Nanotech into Ultratech and include the ALD systems in our nanotechnology product group. By increasing our IP and expanding our nanotechnology portfolio to new levels, we expect to generate a new revenue stream in existing and new markets. We have focused on technology solutions and support our global customer operations. We expect that this acquisition will enhance our short-term as well as our long-term growth expectations.”

Source: Ultratech

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