Ultra-Low Noise Single Frequency Laser With High Output Power

by | Jan 21, 2012

New range of high power “BoostiK” single-frequency fiber lasers offering up to 15 W output with low phase noise and narrow linewidth.
Ultra-Low Noise Single Frequency Laser NKT Photonics

Ultra-Low Noise Single Frequency Laser NKT PhotonicsManufacturer: Koheras

Distribution: NKT Photonics

The laser is completely fiber monolithic and maintenance free with an industrially rugged air cooled package – ready to handle 24/7 operation in both laboratory and industrial environments. It offers up to 10 W at 1.55 μm and 15 W at 1.06 μm output power, many other wavelengths are available. The laser works in single mode and single frequency mode, it is burst noise and mode hop free; it excels by fast tuning enabling external stabilization.

To ensure maximum security, the laser is available with NKT Photonics’ “Koheras Care” warranty and service packages that gives a 2 year warranty extension, remote diagnostics of key parameters over the internet and the possibility of having a customer specific laser in stock – ready to ship within hours if needed.

Typical applications: Quantum optics/computing and phenomena (optical trapping, optical lattice, Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), atom interferometer, squeezing), nonlinear optics pump source (second harmonic generation, parametric processes), laser-based metrology (precision laser interferometry, spectroscopy), optical heterodyning and coherent communication, coherent beam combining, optical length and frequency standards, metrology/LIDAR and so on.

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