Two New Tools for Image Processing Library

by | Oct 17, 2012

Two new tools for the image processing library „Common Vision Blox“ (CVB), the „CVB Video Stabilizer“ for recording and compensating image transformations and „CVB Optical Flow“ for the computer-supported determination of motion components in images.

The „CVB Video Stabilizer“ is a high performance tool for recording and compensating image transformations caused by movement of the camera. The algorithms allow to record image shifts rapidly and reliably up to half the image width or height, respectively, with a resolution of up to 0.1 pixels, to determine rotations between two images in a range between –90° and +90° with an angle resolution of 0.1°, as well as detecting changes in image size of up to 30 % with a resolution of the scaling factor of 0.001.

The „CVB Optical Flow“ exploits the computer-supported determination of motion components in images (the so called optical flow). The tool allows the detection and display of local motion vectors with less than 2° mean deviation when determining the direction, and less than 1/10 pixel deviation when determining the amount. Thus, the tool not only allows detection but also the quantitative determination of moving image contents. The algorithm is robust against poor or rapidly changing light conditions as well as vibrations.

Both tools are suited for use in industry, security, and traffic control technology (for example, analysis of traffic flow, flow of people or systems with mobile components). They complement each other in applications where the camera records moving objects whilst changing its position, for example, due to vibrations.

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