Scientific CMOS Camera

by | Mar 31, 2014

Scientific sCMOS camera “ORCA-Flash4.0 LT Gen II” scientific CMOS camera with excellent image quality and high reliability. It delivers 2x the speed, 3x the field of view and up to 5x the signal-to-noise of even the best interline CCD cameras.

#PJ394_007The camera brings research-grade performance to every imaging project, from bright field to fluorescence, from live cell to fixed tissue and from routine to ground-breaking. It is designed to be an ideal workhorse digital camera and a cost-effective solution for all routine imaging applications. The combination of high quantum efficiency and low noise allows images of superb quality. It has a larger field of view, compared to commonly-used interline CCDs, which is ideally suited to modern research microscopes. The superb frame rate, at full resolution, enables high-speed image acquisition with a wide field of view. In the same time, the price is not higher than that of a scientific CCD.

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