Precision Motorized microscope stage M-687 XY

by | May 31, 2012

Precision Motorized Microscope Stage is driven by High-Stability Piezo Linear Motors

The M-687 XY Precision Motorized Microscope stage features a small footprint, a low profile and a large aperture

Driven by High-Stability Piezo Linear Motors The new M-687 XY motorized microscope stage family for inverted microscopes is more compact than traditional stepper-motor / servo-motor driven open frame XY stages due to its fully integrated, compact piezo linear motors. Self-Locking Ultrasonic Motors, Direct Linear Drive, Direct Metrology Linear Encoders The self-locking ceramic on ceramic direct-drive motors in the M-687 XY positioner also provide up to 10X higher positional stability for the following reasons: No holding current is required (no heat dissipation); no leadscrews that heat up due to friction during motion and cause drift cooling down once the motion stops; no lubricant flow in the drive screw causing slow creep. This is why the stage design is superior for long term imaging applications. Linear encoders with 100 nanometer resolution provide direct position measurement with high accuracy. The compact design with minimized mass and inertia provides highly accurate bidirectional speed and position control, as well as very constant velocity, even at very low speeds. The drive system is based on PI’s U-164 ultrasonic piezo motor and outperforms the stability, acceleration and settling speed of traditional servo motor direct drives and gear-driven mechanisms. More information on piezo motors is available here. Applications, Features & Advantages

  • Fits Olympus IX2 and Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted microscopes
  • High Stability: ideal for Long-Term Microscopy, Imgaging, Image Stitching
  • Fast: to 120 mm/second
  • Linear Encoders with 100 nanometer resolution
  • 135×85 mm Positioning range
  • For inverted microscopes, free rotation of turret
  • Available Piezo-Z Scanner
  • Very constant velocity at 10 µm/second
  • Direct-metrology linear encoder
  • Accessories: Slides holders, petri dish holder, multi-well plate holders

Controller / Software Support The microscope stage is delivered with a joystick and a proprietary piezo motor controller optimized to take advantage of the specific motion characteristics of ultrasonic ceramic motors. USB interfacing and a solid software and driver package for seamless integration are part of the package. Datasheets & Additional Information >> M-687 XY Microscope Stage Description, Specs and Ordering Infoformation >> M-687 PDF Datasheet >> P-736 Microscope Z-Scanner Stage Description, Specs and Ordering Infoformation >> P-736 PDF Datasheet

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