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by | Jan 21, 2012

“VirtualLab 5”, a new generation of the optical modeling and design software. VirtualLab was the first field tracer on the market.
LightTrans Optical Simulation and Design Software

LightTrans Optical Simulation and Design SoftwareManufacturer: LightTrans

Field tracing utilizes and provides more information about the light in an optical system. In short, field tracing delivers results fully vectorial, as accurate as required, and as fast as possible.

The “VirtualLab Starter Toolbox” enables the simulation of laser optics, micro optical systems, diffractive optics, interferometers, imaging, and illumination systems. Optical systems may contain refractive, diffractive, hybrid, Fresnel and GRIN lenses, diffractive optical elements, diffusers, beam shapers, diffractive beam splitters, computer generated holograms, phase plates, elements with free form surfaces and micro lens arrays.

The software enables the modeling and propagation of ultrashort pulses through laser systems. The propagation includes diffraction effects, interference effects, aberrations, polarization and vectorial effects. The pulse shape can be visualized depending on the lateral laser beam position.

Several real light sources, as for example, LED’s, Excimer lasers, multimode lasers, thermal sources generate temporal and spatial partially coherent light. The coherence properties of real light distributions can be included in simulations.

LightTrans GmbH
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07745 Jena, Germany
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