Optical Parametric Oscillator

by | Apr 17, 2014

Widely tunable, easy-to-operate single source “C-Wave” for applications such as spectroscopy, quantum optics and photochemistry. It was awarded with the Photonics West Prism-Award 2014.

#PB7_131211_C-WAVE_opo_03_cThe device delivers continuous-wave operation across the visible range from an all-solid-state device without the need to change laser media or optical components. The whole tuning range can be covered in a fully computerized way. The required wavelength is selected via the GUI or programmable interface and ranges “from blue to red without a pit stop”. Depending on the required output power level, the OPO is either pumped by an external single frequency laser or comes with an integrated laser, making operation and application even easier.

The model “C WAVE basic” offers wide spectral coverage and easy wavelength selection. The model “C-WAVE advanced” has been developed as a precision source for demanding applications as in atomic physics or quantum optics: single frequency operation, narrow spectral line-width and options for frequency stabilization are combined with an unprecedented spectral coverage.

Applications: Microscopy, biophotonics, spectroscopy, cold atom/ion experiments, atomic physics, quantum optics, metrology, characterization of optical components.

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