Operating simplicity in industrial microscopy at EUSPEN

by | May 13, 2014

Olympus will present its innovative range of opto-digital microscopy systems at the EUSPEN conference.

olympus-opto-digital-microscopy-systemsOlympus will present its innovative range of opto-digital microscopy systems at the EUSPEN conference (June 2-6, Dubrovnik, Croatia, stand 6). Exhibits will include the LEXT OLS4100 laser scanning microscope and two microscopes from the award-winning opto-digital DSX series – the DSX 500 and DSX 100. All systems at the conference will be fully operational, and Olympus welcomes attendees to bring their own samples and test the microscopes.

The Olympus opto-digital range has been designed to combine operating simplicity with advanced optics and high precision for non-contact, non-destructive metrology and inspection. The systems feature simple on-screen visualisation and touch-screen capabilities in place of eyepieces for universal ease-of-use and minimal user training. The LEXT OLS4100 3D laser scanning microscope for surface metrology includes an ultra-fast mode enabling the measurement of micro-samples with very steep angles, and a multi-layer mode to facilitate observation and measurement of challenging transparent samples. The DSX systems, suitable for the inspection of a large range of sample types, sizes and weights, automatically generate a selection of previews for each imaging technique, allowing the user to quickly select the best imaging approach. This facilitates the rapid and simple identification of the inspection detail required.

The conference will also mark the start of the Olympus ‘Opto-Digital Technology Grant’, in co-operation with Quality Manufacturing Today (QMT) Magazine. The programme invites applicants to submit short, innovative proposals for precision engineering and materials science projects requiring the LEXT OLS4100, DSX 500 or DSX 500i systems. Chosen applicants will have free use of the corresponding opto-digital microscope for three to six months at their own facility, including full set-up and support. Entries will be evaluated by delegates from Olympus, ‘QMT magazine’ and independent researchers, Dr. Harald Bosse, at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany and Prof. Guido Tosello, at the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Delegates can also find out about the research projects and results from last year’s programme in collaboration with ‘inspect magazine’ on three application posters at the stand.

Visit stand 6 to test the opto-digital range and find out how to apply for an Opto-Digital Technology Grant on the website.

For further information on the EUSPEN conference go to www.euspen.eu/OurEvents/Dubrovnik2014.aspx, and to find out more about the Olympus opto-digital range please visit www.olympus-ims.com/en/metrology.

Source: Olympus

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