New Light Source Modules for Spectrometers

by | Jan 21, 2012

Newly developed light source modules offering many new fields of application.
IMM photonics 980 nm laser light source

IMM photonics 980 nm laser light sourceManufacturer: IMM Photonics

The 980 nm laser light source module is suitable for exciting lanthanides. By means of a light quantum effect, these modules emit in the visible spectral range. They are predominantly used for safety technology applications, because they can be used to unobtrusively mark objects. The laser module is now available with 1.4 mW and with 70 mW respectively (other outputs on request).

Furthermore, the LED light source portfolio includes a 365 nm ultraviolet light source, a 505 nm light source, a 590 nm light source as well as a 940 nm infrared light source. Moreover, LED light sources are available for the entire spectral range of the “ilumspec” spectrometer. They can be used for fluorescence excitation or for the measurement of optical filters.

White LEDs, which are built according to the common principle of converting blue light into white, have a gap in the green spectral range. This gap is closed by means of the green LED. Thus color measurements as well as color comparisons can be carried out.

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