Miniature Rotation Stage for Industry and Research

by | Jul 9, 2015

Q-614” miniature rotation positioning systems featuring high position resolution. With its turntable of only 14 mm in diameter and just 10 mm high, the rotation stage is one of the smallest precision rotation stages available on the market and is currently the smallest rotation stage within a series of stages with turntables measuring 22 mm or 30 mm in diameter which allows them to be equipped with an additional position sensor for closed-loop operation.

#PJ583_PdM_PI_Q-614_printThe rotation stage operates in open-loop control, typically achieving a minimal incremental motion of 100 µrad. The drive principle behind the miniature stage is based on a piezomotor inertia drive. This allows for the compact dimensions, the high resolution and the high velocity. Due to its ability to self-lock at rest, the piezomotor requires no power and produces no heat. It holds the position at a holding torque of 6 mNm. The “E-870” drive electronics makes open-loop control possible and it is especially tuned to the requirements of the inertia drives. One device can serially control up to four channels, and is also available as an easy-to-integrate OEM version, which keeps investment costs low as an added benefit.

Due to its extremely compact design, a rotation range of >360° and velocities of up to 70°/s, the “Q-614” rotation stage is ideal for use in micromanipulation, biotechnology and automation applications. It also comes in vacuum-compatible versions for 10–9 hPa.

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