Miniature Precision TEC Controller

by | Dec 12, 2013

Addition to the popular portfolio of Peltier temperature controllers, the miniature “TEC-1091” controller. It delivers true bipolar ±4 A / ±19 V DC, resulting in a power density of >2 W/cm³.

#OP340_TEC-1091The miniature controller – just 65 × 8 × 14 mm3 – features two temperature monitoring inputs (per channel): the primary high resolution object sensor input can be configured to handle Pt100, Pt1000, or NTC probes; the auxiliary sink temperature input (NTCs only) allows for energy-efficient and optimized modeling and control of the Peltier element. Temperature precision and stability better than 0.01 °C are achieved (typ. 0.005°C) thanks to careful selection of key components as well as factory calibration. The TEC controller is driven by proven firmware, can operate as a stand-alone, script-controlled or remotely controlled device. It offers advanced features such as PID auto tuning, comprehensive status and error handling, lookup-table execution, numerous supervision and safety functionalities and firmware upgradeability. Configuration and control is over isolated USB, RS-485 or RS-232, parameters are saved into non-volatile Flash. Furthermore 4 digital, freely mappable I/O lines allow for hardware control or feedback (enable/interlock, all stable, etc.) or for the control of an external fan e.g. blowing over the Peltier setup heat sink. Also, it can directly drive certain OLED displays.

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