Mid-IR Laser Source for the Important Spectral Fingerprint Region

by | Jan 8, 2013

Ultra-broad tunable, very compact quantum cascade laser-based „MIRcat“ to dramaticalle simplify absorption spectroscopy in the „finger print region“.

The system incorporates up to four tunable laser modules in a single, sealed laser head with integrated controller. MIRcat™ switches effortlessly between these modules to provide a single, high quality, highly collimated output beam. Using this design, the system provides users with a mid-infrared tuning range of up to ~800 cm–1  (~6000 nm), the widest mid-IR tuning range from any single-box quantum cascade laser source commercially available. It offers also a choice of tunable modules spanning a wavelength range of ~3–13 µm, while giving them a highly flexible, modular approach to optimizing their mid-IR wavelength coverage.

Capable of either pulsed or CW operation, in CW mode the system is ideal for complex gas spectroscopy in complex mixtures. In addition, to unmatched, ultra-broad tuning, it also delivers uncompromised performance in other application-critical areas including high output power, superb beam pointing stability and mode quality, and narrow linewidths. The new system is especially appropriate where its higher brightness offers the potential for higher signal:noise than FTIR-spectrometers. In liquid phase spectroscopy, it can use sample cells with wider diameters that do not block transmission.

Providing a new level of price: performance ratio and alignment- and maintenance-free operation, the performance of the new system brings new capabilities and new agility to a broad range of applications, including: molecular spectroscopy; standoff explosive detection; hyperspectral imaging; and microscopy. Solid, liquid, and gas phase spectroscopy and imaging measurements are now easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

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