Microscope with Z-Drift Compensation System

by | Jan 21, 2012

Inverted “IX81” microscope with the new “ZDC2” Z-Drift compensation system which automatically maintains focus when capturing multiple images.
Olympus ZDC2Drift

Olympus ZDC2DriftManufacturer: Olympus

The microscope has modes, ‘continuous’ and ‘one-shot’, which enable the completion of any time-lapse experiments. The new Z-Drift compensation system continually monitors the distance between the objective lens and the sample surface, thus maintaining accurate focus during even the fastest time-lapse experiments.

In contrast, the ‘one-shot’ mode facilitates applications requiring multiple focal positions. Providing excellent speed, accuracy and flexibility, the ZDC2 Z-Drift compensation microscope system is perfect for any live-cell imaging, maintaining optimal focus image after image, regardless of experiment length or complexity.

This new mode is also ideal for more complex applications, such as total internal reflection microscopy (TIRFM). The complete system is compatible with a range of powerful Olympus hardware and software, including “cellSens” Dimension and “xcellence”, as well as integrating fully with environmentally-isolated stage incubation systems.

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