Microfluidics and Macromolecules

by | Jan 29, 2017

Microfluidics and Macromolecules topical issue published in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics and guest-edited by Sebastian Seiffert.

Microfluidics is the art of creation and manipulation of small portions of fluids, usually realized by flow within sub-millimeter-scale channels. It offers a great tool for advanced analytics and for the controlled synthesis of macromolecular materials.

The latest issue of Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics showcases the state-of-the-art and future potential of microfluidics technology in macromolecular science. Guest-edited by Sebastian Seiffert, the issue is a collection of contributions from scientists around the world, leaders in this research area.

“In 2011, twelve M.I.T. researchers issued a white paper on the trend of “convergence”, referred to as a merger of life, physical, and engineering sciences.  Mapped to our field, macromolecular chemistry and physics appears to be nothing less than a natural realization of this synergy.  In the recent past, our discipline has advanced to creating an arc from (macro)molecules to materials, whereas at present, the next step aimed for is that from materials to systems” states Sebastian in his Editorial.

“Realization of this endeavor requires macromolecular materials to be processed with exquisite control, and a particularly powerful variant of gaining such control is the method of microfluidics. In this respect, it only appears logical to shed a special focus on the convergence of this methodological approach with the art of macromolecular chemistry and physics; this is what this themed issue is targeted at.”

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Read contributions to the Microfluidics and Macromolecules topical issue here.

Find below selected contributions accessible for FREE until April 30, 2017:

Microfluidics and Macromolecules: Top-Down Analytics and Bottom-Up Engineering of Soft Matter at Small Scales by Sebastian Seiffert

Cell Microencapsulation by Droplet Microfluidic Templating by Torsten Rossow, Philipp S. Lienemann and David J. Mooney

Microfluidic Studies of Polymer Adsorption in Flow by Alinaghi Salari and Eugenia Kumacheva

High-Throughput Step Emulsification for the Production of Functional Materials Using a Glass Microfluidic Device by Alessandro Ofner, David G. Moore, Patrick A. Rühs, Pascal Schwendimann, Maximilian Eggersdorfer, Esther Amstad, David A. Weitz and André R. Studart

Mechanically Defined Microgels by Droplet Microfluidics by Thomas Heida, Jens W. Neubauer, Maximilian Seuss, Nicolas Hauck, Julian Thiele and Andreas Fery

Phase-Separation-Induced Formation of Janus Droplets Based on Aqueous Two-Phase Systems by Hao Yuan, Qingming Ma, Yang Song, Matthew Y. H. Tang, Yau Kei Chan and Ho Cheung Shum

Precision Polymer Design in Microstructured Flow Reactors: Improved Control and First Upscale at Once by Thomas Junkers

Image kindly provided by Sebastian Seiffert

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