Mica Waveplates

by | Apr 17, 2013

Crystal-optical components and units, mostly customer-specific products in the spectral range of 190 nm to 8 µm. The heart of the company’s production is the manufacture of mica waveplates.

#OP302_P 2With the models offered, waveplates in a spectral range of 350 nm to 3,5 µm are fabricated in small and large series. Selecting the optical mica material grades, specifying purity, homogeneity, transmission and refractive are just a couple of examples for the company’s knowhow. The unique splitting process allows retardation tolerances up to l/200 and dimensions to more than 200 mm diameter. If needed, additive compound coatings can be applied directly to the mica sheets. A large raw material stock permits an independent and flexible implementation of customers needs.

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