March editor’s choice papers in polymer physics

by | Apr 17, 2012

Latest editor's choice papers from the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics are available to download for free.

Latest editor’s choice papers from the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics – available to download for free. Click on for the latest news in alkaline fuel cell membranes, roll-to-roll printed devices, polymers for electronics, and biomaterials, and go to to submit your paper for rapid review and publication with a broad, international audience for your work.

Alkaline fuel cells (AFCs) produce higher power densities at low temperatures compared to their proton counterparts, and can make use of cheaper catalysts. Elabd and colleagues synthesize anion exchange membranes (AEMs) for AFCs with high thermal stability. Crucially, unlike many other AEMs, the hydroxide conductivity is insensitive to drying and rehydrating the membrane.

Reynolds, Krebs and colleagues prepare electrochromic devices on flexible substrates using spray coating and slot-die coating methods. Excitingly, they demonstrate switching of the devices between bleached and colored state using printed organic photovoltaic devices as the power source.

Kohler, Beljonne and colleagues investigate exciplexes in carbazole-containing polymers, which are commonly used as hole-transporting host materials in organic electronics. The discrepancy between behavior shown during electrical and optical excitation is explained by the fact that the preferred precursor to the exciplex is a charged complex that only forms under device operation.

Naguib and colleagues use layers of electrospun meshes to make 3D composite scaffolds. The stacking and sintering method using pressurized gas produced scaffolds with open porosity of up to 70% and modulus of ∼20 MPa, and improved on the existing electrospinning technology by overcoming the challenges of depositing a thick, 3D structure.

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