Long-Range Interferometers for Measurements up to 80 m

by | Jan 21, 2012

“SP-LR” long-range interferometers, a series of laser interferometers designed for the measurement of extra large lengths up to 80 meters.
SIOS Long-Range Interferometer

SIOS Long-Range InterferometerManufacturer: SIOS Meßtechnik

The systems offer a resolution of 0.1 nm with high precision and good resistance to disturbances. The fiber coupling for transferring the laser light prevents heat sources in the sensor head and allows the systems to be deployed flexibly and set up and aligned quickly and easily.

The long-range interferometer can be used with various optical reflectors. A hollow reflector is used for standard measurements over long ranges. The tilt of the reflector can be a maximum of ±22.5° when the tilting point is located in the middle of the reflector.

Use of virtually tilt-invariant reflectors simplifies set-up and alignment. The low susceptibility to tilting and low sensitivity to lateral offset of the measurement reflector make this interferometer a versatile tool for the operation, alignment and calibration of precision guides, coordinate measuring devices and machines tools.

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