Laser Light Engine Module

by | Apr 17, 2013

Ultra-small laser module “RGBeam” which precisely couples three wavelengths to be used directly or carried to the customer’s application through a multimode-fiber.

#OP300_Fisba S12 LaserstrahlenThe plus points of the module are, compared to halogen lamps or LEDs, its coherent and punctual illumination. Lasers allow fibercoupling with very little loss of optical performance. With dimensions of 20.5 × 12.2 × 5 mm, the laser module takes up a minimum of space and is correspondingly light in weight. These characteristics make it extremely suitable for portable applications. Advantages compared with LED applications include the brilliance, efficiency of the laser diode, high brightness and higher contrast. The module can also be adapted for UV lighting. The improved focusing ability and relatively high intensities are very useful in curing and drying polymers.

The module finds use in the field of life sciences, the automotive industry as well as in production technology and metrology. The laser module can be customized as a light source, for example for head-up-displays in automobiles. In the life sciences field, the three color frequencies can be mixed to create white laser-based light for fiber-coupled lighting applications. Industrial metrology is another industry in which the laser module plays an important role. Thanks to the simple formation of the laser beams, the module can be used as a light source for reflection measurements.

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