High Quality Fluorescent Image Deconvolution Systems

by | Jan 21, 2012

“BX63” microscope systems for maximal quality of fluorescence images captured as part of life science research projects.
BX3 and Deconvolution

BX3 and DeconvolutionManufacturer: Olympus

The high-end system comfortably handles day-to-day applications, while boasting a range of advanced features to satisfy the most complex of needs, including rapid deconvolution of fluorescent Z-stack images. This approach is particularly useful for imaging thicker samples at high magnification, such as tissues and cells.

Deconvolution removes the out-of-focus blur from each image in the Z-stack to improve clarity and increase the precision of downstream analyses. This can only be accurately achieved if the distance between the Z-stack images is stringently controlled. Therefore, the fully-automated frame employs a high-precision focusing mechanism adjusted using the nosepiece, rather than the stage, which increases system stability and maximises Z-resolution.

When combined with the “cellSens” software suite and deconvolution solution module, the rapid creation of extremely accurate deconvolved fluorescent images is a matter of only a few clicks.

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