Grinding of Advanced Materials

by | Mar 16, 2016

DMG Mori will present its new 5-axis grinding machine at the Grindtec 2016 trade fair

This year, the Grindtec 2016 trade fair will take place in Augsburg on March 16-19. As one of the most well-known companies in this field DMG Mori will attend the fair. It is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of cutting machine tools and manufacturer of CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines.

Grinding of Advanced Materials 1

Machining of tungsten carbide tool body. Source: DMG MORI

Beside its expertise in the field of additive manufacturing the company will also focus on 5-axis ultrasonic grinding of advanced materials.

The ULTRASONIC 20 linear, which had its world premiere in February 2016, will be also presented on the Grindtec. The new 5-axis grinding machine being capable to machine high-tech materials like carbide, glass or technical ceramics in an efficient and most economical way, pledges DMG Mori. “Increased productivity, highest accuracy and the best possible surface finish as well as better tool life are just a few benefits using this type of technology.”

Grinding of Advanced Materials 2

Outer and inner grinding of a ring of silicon carbide with ULTRASOINC and mill-turn technology. Source: DMG MORI

The grinding system enables economic manufacturing of complex workpiece geometries with up to 5 axes in sophisticated high-tech materials. Reportedly, the specific kinematic interference of the tool rotation with an additional oscillation in longitudinal direction causes a reduction of the prevalent process forces up to 40% towards a conventional machining. According to the requirement of the workpiece it facilitates higher feed rates and infeed, improved tool lifetime or distinctly enhanced surface roughness until Ra < 0,1 µm. Furthermore submits the reduction of process forces through the assembly of filigree light-weight structures. Weather the tool is able to keep the lofty promisees remains to be seen.

The manufacturing of high-precision and complex workpieces requires preferably flexible and universal machine solutions. According to DMG Mori the patented ultrasonic technology integration in 5-axis machining centers it is possible to economically manufacture complex workpieces in a few settings. To machine rotational symmetrical parts there is optionally a mill-turn functionality available.

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