Conduction-cooled Fiber-coupled Laser Diode Modules

by | Nov 4, 2013

Conduction-cooled, 200 µm fiber-coupled laser diode modules at 1470 nm and 1530 nm for medical applications.

#LTJ374_MF_1470nm&1530nm_LR_CWith 12 W output power, these fiber-coupled modules are ideal for the medical market primarily for surgical applications that demand high-power, stable sources with the smallest fiber diameters. The 1470 and 1530nm diode laser modules are based on single-bar configurations, which deliver the output power via a standard 200 µm, NA 0,22, SMA-905 fiber connector. With an operating current of <60 A and operating voltage of <1,4 V, these sealed, conduction-cooled, fiber-coupled modules feature options such as monitor photodiode, visible pointer, serial fiber interlocks, and user exchangeable protection window, providing maximum flexibility for integration into larger systems.

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