Compact OEM Laser Diode Controller

by | Oct 17, 2012

Novel OEM laser diode driver “LDD-1121” for CW, QCW, and pulsed laser applications which supplies diodes with up to 15 A und 15 V.

The fully digital device offers precision current control (±1 mA) and stability, virtually ripple-free current generation and overall power efficiency well above 90%. Output current can be modulated in the kHz range and chopped as pulses with steep slopes and high repetition frequencies. Critical system values monitoring is hardware-implemented (ensuring ultra fast switch-off times in case of violation), an NTC sensor input for laser diode temperature supervision comes as standard. Optionally, the driver can be equipped with hardware for photodiode laser power measurement, allowing (in conjunction with corresponding firmware) direct laser power feedback control, for example. It can be programmed and/or controller over isolated USB, RS485, or general I/O interfaces. To facilitate evaluation, commissioning, and integration of OEM laser diode precision control, all devices are shipped with a user-friendly PC software for USB configuration, control and diagnosis. – The driver is designed to team up with the TEC controller/Peltier driver “TEC-1122”. Both devices share identical physical dimensions, have the same power requirements, and are remotely controllable over a dedicated system bus per RS485 und digital I/O.

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