BASF announces acquisition of Deutsche Nanoschicht

by | Jun 21, 2013

BASF New Business GmbH has acquired all shares of the technology company Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH.

BASF New Business GmbH has acquired all shares of the technology company Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH. The BASF subsidiary and the founder and sole owner of Deutsche Nanoschicht, Dr. Michael Bäcker, have agreed on the acquisition. The parties have signed the relevant agreement.

Deutsche Nanoschicht has developed an innovative process for producing thin films by means of chemical solution deposition.This process allows high-temperature superconductors to be manufactured in a much more efficient and resource-conserving manner. Superconductors carry current virtually without loss, so they allow potentially huge savings in generating and transporting electricity.

Dr. Michael Bäcker, Managing Director of Deutsche Nanoschicht, said: “Wherever large volumes of electricity are generated, transported or used, the technologies we have developed facilitate innovative power engineering systems that operate efficiently with little impact on resources.” Superconductor technology is of interest particularly in the fields of generators and motors as well as power grids in urban areas. As their current carrying capacity is high compared to copper, extremely compact and lightweight systems become an option in electrical engineering.

Furthermore, the process Deutsche Nanoschicht has developed is also interesting when it comes to manufacturing thin layers of a broad range of materials. Such thin layers, key elements in many electrical components, can be produced in a more energy-efficient manner to feature improved properties.

Combined with the strength and experience of BASF’s research, chemical solution deposition may form the basis for developing new system solutions for energy technology and electronics. BASF and Deutsche Nanoschicht are working together to bring the innovative technology to market.

“For BASF, the acquisition of Deutsche Nanoschicht is a major step forward in developing our E-Power Management growth field. Access to this innovative technology will enable us to further strengthen our position in the energy and resources growth market,” said Dr. Stefan Blank, Managing Director of BASF New Business.

BASF’s E-Power Management growth field comprises technology developments, materials and solutions for the entire electricity value chain. It focuses on resource-conserving and efficient electricity generation, transmission, storage and the efficient use of electrical energy.

Source: BASF

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